Thursday, 16 July 2015

life, week 28

Still working on adding a little more color to our living room. A new pillow from IKEA does the trick. 

Now that we have a toddler, a visit to Dyreparken was in order. She loved it, of course.

Her idea and she was busy for what felt like hours.

Summe vacation mornings

A good start to the day: drinking the first cup of coffee slooowly

Not quite finished with the painting yet, but we are getting closer and closer for each day with no rain.

strawberry rhubarb crumble - so, so good!

"Kids' first book of English". So far she just looks at all the pictures.

Who needs new pillows? A toddler brings lots of color to a living room.

Ombo bound // ombré ferry view

A road side wild flowers bouquet inspired by #wolfandwildflowers

Water and toddlers - always a winning combination

- - -

Week 28: July 6-12

Friday, 10 July 2015

things I like lately

Malmön, Sweden, summer 2009 // Fuji Sensia 100, Canon EOS 500N

- i sesong / juni (via draumfarir)
- I finally made my first ever crumble, with Norwegian strawberries and rhubarb from the garden (an adapted version of this recipe)
- sesame seed bread from Godt Brød
- handing in a slide film to get it developed (still waiting to get it back though)
- 3191 Miles Apart - always a favorite
- slowly getting started on the process of turning the messy room into baby boy's room
- thankful for the help we get from our parents, especially my father-in-law and my dad, during our house painting process
- three steps to a simple home
- the work of motherhood
- why I'll miss being pregnant
- the new Skogsta collection from IKEA
- on Thursdays and blogging
- Sharon Hwang's illustrations for Food 52
- inspiring! not sure I could do it, though
- straccetti con rucola looks good
- aktiv med pappa by my friends Jannicke and Sverre
- hege & henriette
- drinking the first cup of coffee of the day slooowly
- a mini vacation at with our friends at their family cabin in Mandal - we all really needed those days off
- first sea swim of the season
- Dyreparken - Sara LOVED it!
- fresh corn on the cob
- my sister and her little family are in town again - we all love baby S!
- my dear husband for working so hard on our house projects and for coping with his pregnant wife

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the paralysing pregnancy tiredness
- rainy days which means the house painting is put on hold (I will be SO happy when this project is done - my pregnancy hormones are not good at dealing with it)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

life, week 27

My cousin and his family brought a lovely orchid as a housewarming gift. Sara didn't care about the flower, of course, but she had a blast playing with her second cousins. 

I have slowly started the process of turning the messy room into baby boy's room. And I promise to never have a whole room dedicated to mess ever again. 

I finally made my first ever crumble, with Norwegian strawberries and rhubarb from the garden. Served with Mövenpick vanilla ice cream and a week 28 belly photobomb. (I used an adapted version of this recipe.)

10 pm sunlight on the living room curtains.

I thought I had set the alarm for one hour. Apparently not. Woke up after two hours, tired and confused. Growing a human can be quite exhausting. 

Homemade burgers on the grill and coleslaw dinner on the terrace - just before the rain started and the diligent house painters had to take a break. 

It finally feels like real summer! 20c already at 9 am and I'm wearing shorts for the first time this season. 

Our bedrooms are too hot, so we are all sleeping in the basement living room tonight. 

So, so thankful for all the house painting help we get from our parents. 

July 1, 1130 pm, 19c and a full moon. Pure summer night bliss!

So good to see this cabin view again. First sea swim of the season also happened today. Summer feels good.

 All meals are feasts with these guys.

Our crew of four kids (plus little brother in my belly) and four grown ups enjoyed hanging our at Mandal's best playground. We did not expect the sudden heat though.

Taco night for the win! Also, grilled fresh corn on the cob. Yummy yum!

Not pictured: morning sun peeking out from the clouds, mosquito bites and the last pages of The Girl on the Train.

Accidental selfie on a happy summer Sunday

A dirt road lined with wildflowers brings us to the sea.

The memories of this day will give much needed warmth during cold winter months. Sara was super excited to be in a boat for the first time.

Yes, we do enjoy summer vacation very much.

Fascinated by the beautiful flowers growing in-between the rocks. Also, week 28 belly.

I can't find a good English word for svaberg other than rock. It is indeed rock, but the word svaberg implies so much more - the smell of salty sea, a refreshing swim and the feeling of saltwater dried by the sun on tanned skin. Do you know what I mean?

A beach on an island only accessible by boat. A pirat, his treasure and eager little treasure hunters. Collection seashells, rocks and driftwood sticks. Only the bravest dared to swim. 

- - - 

Week 27: June 29 - July 5

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

pizza and champagne

Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

These two (three, including Hama the gorgeous shiba dog) is one of the reasons I miss Bergen. Such great people! J is in fact Sara's godfather. I miss them even more now when they too have become parents. Their baby daughter was born five days ago - can't wait to meet her.

These photos are from one of the last evenings we had together in Bergen before our move to Stavanger. It has already been nearly a year!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ine shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Ine?

I love film photography because to me, it is still the original way to take photos. A quite simple matter of light and chemistry, thus, more transparent.

I also find that I take fewer, but maybe better photos when shooting film. You don´t want to waste your precious exposures, and you put more effort into it. I love only bringing my film camera when travelling, and not just document for the sake of documenting. When I return home, I´m in for a surprise, plus I remember each frame I took and relive the holiday, again and again.

You can find more of Ine's photos on her blog.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

weekday dinners lately

Portobello mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter, spinach, feta and spring onion

Lasagne made with aubergine instead of pasta (maybe I should rather call it moussaka? But then again, it has no lamb in it), a salad of mixed lettuce and pomegranate.

Pasta with sautéed mushrooms, onion and garlic in a sauce made of cream and soft goat cheese (Snøfrisk) with chanterelles, topped with spring onion, parsley and freshly ground pepper

Baked salmon with salt, pepper and butter, and a couscous salad with mango, spring onion and coriander

Tortellini filled with cheese, pasta sauce with basil and cheese, ham, spring onion (one of my pregnancy cravings) and parmesan plus a simple salad of lettuce, tomato and balsamic creme

- - -

Yes, pasta makes for prefect weekday for this little family!

- - -

More dinner ideas: what's for dinner // the dinner project
Also: my pantry essentials // thoughts on dinner planning and grocery shopping

Monday, 29 June 2015

life, week 26

Can someone please send me the wand that will make all this magically disappear? Thank you.

She was bummed that we didn't have our usual egg and bacon brunch on Sunday, so breakfast for dinner on Monday was in order.

June 23, 8 am // finally sandal weather plus last day of work

School's out and my 7 weeks summer holiday has just started!

So happy to have my sister and little mr S here!

The painting is on!

Practicing her big sister skills.

First rhubarb harvest from our garden.

I'll most likely make Molly's roasted rhubarb like I always do, because it is so good. But maybe I should try a rhubarb strawberry crumble instead too?

Happy to have these beauties in our garden.

Pregnant woman watching husband paint house

I have become one of those early birds who prefer to get the grocery shopping done when the shops open in the morning. It's me and all the grey haired retired people.

Perfectly cooked for my taste.

Dilemma: It's dinner time and she is playing so well by herself. Should I interrupt her play and make her sit by the table and have dinner (I know it will cause and argument and loud voices) or should I simply let her play on and have dinner for supper? I chose the latter.

My mum bought me roses to celebrate the start of my summer holiday.

I hereby declare the Norwegian berries season for open!

Morning swim in the local outdoor pool. Overcast and refreshing, but the kids loved it. Of course. Thankful for my friend T for inviting us.

Sara and grandpa have been out stealing and their trophies are displayed on my legs. As you do when you are a baby thief.

A little break from the painting - just before the rain came.

- - -

Week 26: June 22-28


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