Friday, 24 April 2015

things I like lately

from the archives // Agfa Precise 100, Canon EOS 500N

- these glasses from IKEA
- NIB hjemme
- chocolate milk - for some reason I have never been into it, but during our hotel breakfast last weekend, I realised I have really missed out
- a luke warm cinnamon bun from a local bakery - wolfed down before 9 am
- this post by Ine
- all your sweet comments on this post
- the last paper has been handed in - only an oral exam left before I'm done with my pedagogics studies
- totally hocked on Lars Kepler's crime novels again - just finished The Paganini Contract and started reading The Sandman right after (I have read The Hypnotist and The Fire Witness earlier)
- Kristen's Instagram
- our neighbour's magnolia and rhododendrons have just started blooming
- kale chips
- this (wow!)
- realising how much I appreciate our (busy) everyday routines (after two days at home with a sick Sara)
- homemade smoothies all week - Sara has really been on a smoothie kick lately
- this photo by Andrea

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the pile of student papers that needs to be graded

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Paris // the yellow film, part III

A year ago Sølve and I were in Paris with a couple of our dearest friends. Needless to say, it was as perfect as Paris in spring can be. The only thing I was not at all happy about, was the slide film that  got ruined during development. I got the impression it was so ruined that it was discarded of, but then suddenly it reappeared! As you can see from the yellow color tone, it has indeed been ruined in the development process, but all the motifs and memories are still there. So, here you are; Paris in yellow, part III of III (here are parts I and II).

- - -

Paris on iPhone // Paris on film (that is not yellow) // things I like lately - Paris edition

Monday, 20 April 2015

life, week 16 - in which I share exciting news

After the Easter vacation my belly suddenly got noticeably bigger. 

early birds // ready for a day of lectures 

home bound // she loves the bike trailer

I'm glad to have come to this stage of the pregnancy; no longer a need to hide the bump. It is official: Sara is becoming a big sister at the end of September.

Helping her pappa with the final preparations before the law seeding.

Wednesday 7 am

sun stripe snack

the joy of a perfectly ripe avocado // guacamole to be

An evening walk before the rain, and then ice cream and Rita on Netflix.

spring intrudes and I don't mind

home bound // so happy we live close enough to Sara's kindergarten so she can go by balance bike

Friday 7 am

so blue #nofilter

Oslo bound

date night at Villa Paradiso

I can not remember the last time I slept until 0930 am. And then hotel breakfast. Such luxury!

our Saturday in Oslo

Champagne reception at the top of Grand hotel. Cool yet freezing.

all dressed up and big smiles

baby's first wedding // 17 weeks pregnant in my mum's cocktail dress from the 70s

a rare treat: cortado at a café

such lovely wooden tables at Kaffebrenneriet

spring has sprung // more in Oslo than Stavanger

magnolia galore

lykken = happiness

I love watching earth from an airplane window

Pretty excited about her travel gift from mamma and pappa: pink light up sneakers with glitter - I never thought we would buy something like that!

- - -

Week 16: April 13-19

Sunday, 19 April 2015

things I like lately

budding // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- a group of 3 to 6 year olds singing loudly along to the songs from Frozen
- Kerry's use of the good old IKEA Ivar shelf system
- interesting
- Rita on Netflix
- a weekend in Oslo with Sølve
- attending a wedding at the fancy Grand hotel (it's where Obama stayed when he was in town)
- a much needed tasty cortado whilst waiting to board my plane to Oslo
- overhearing a conversation between a daddy and his two sons - he speaks French, the kids talk French, English and Norwegian
- a mummy holding hands with her toddler son - she was wearing a sweatshirt with a dinosaur pattern; I wonder if her son was jealous
- snacking on physalis
- overhearing suite wearing men speak French at the hotel during breakfast - made me feel like being on vacation in France
- watermelon for breakfast
- Friday date at Villa Paradiso with the husband
- people watching on the streets of Oslo
- magnolia trees in full bloom close to the castle in Oslo
- visiting the beautiful Aesop shop in Oslo to get some nice products for my face
- trees are slowly getting greener

Thursday, 16 April 2015

life, week 15

The last day of Easter vacation. Coffee and old D2 magazines in bed. Slow and easy, just what I need before the everyday life whirlwind starts again.

First ever family bike ride! A test ride from home to my work, nearly 10 km one way. Ready for action tomorrow. I think. (I wasn't.)

Visiting mamma's work. First drawing on the blackboard, then running in the sports hall. Oh the joys of a 3 year old.

Not completely made from scratch, but there is fish and lots of vegetables. Keeping it real on a busy week day.

evening work - we meet again

Stord bound - last time for studies

student life // the last supper

While I was at Stord for studies, Sara helped pappa prepare the garden for lawn seeding. She loves being her pappa's "byggevenn" (construction friend).

A grilled ham and cheese sandwich is always a winner in my book.

Off to celebrate her friend's fourth birthday

Finally managed to prioritize time for an evening walk around the neighbourhood lake. Hoping it will be a habit.

 - - -

Week 15: April 6-12


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