Friday, 11 April 2014

things I like lately

the mountain cabin | Kodak elite chrome 100, Olympus mju

- this brilliant parody of Sherlock
- American pancakes for Sunday lunch
- Sara being willing to try her summer clothes from last year - some of it still fit (so convenient!)
- a daytrip to Åsly to do some garden work (we haven't been there since July last year!)
- spending days in our hometown Sandnes with family and friends
- lunch with my dear friend B and her daughter E - so, so, good to see them again!
- seeing how my mum (still) sets the breakfast table the night before
- this black basic tote and this Persimmon pouch - both from Baggu
- fra blogg til bok by Matilde
- Sara sleeping until 8:20 am
- beating my friend J in Wordfeud (he always wins!) 
- Sara being very patient during a day of lots of grocery shopping 
- seeing Sara's joy of being with her grandparents 
- my mum taking Friday off work to spend it with Sara and me 
- this photo by Lars and this photo by Sarita Lolita 
- a Friday night dinner at our friends K and M's place
- a long week of Easter vacation ahead - we are off to the beloved mountain cabin (PS: my kind of cabin life)

- - -

things I don't like lately

- getting stressed about packing for our Easter vacation
- getting into an argument with Sølve due to said stress (we hardly ever argue, but do often end up arguing whilst packing for road trips - silly us!)
- a 5 am wake up call by Sara who had a nightmare (dear Sara baby, there is no lion here to eat you!) 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hanna shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Hanna?

I shoot film because it’s timeless, poetic and genuine.

Film allows me to focus on the basics. The mechanical build of film cameras can be used for generations and I love how each type of camera has its own aesthetic and ‘personality’ combined with the film type you choose.

You can’t replicate the look and nostalgia of film. There's something poetic about it. I also like how the photos are genuine in that you can’t delete, edit, manipulate or post-process it.

Another reason why I shoot film is that it makes me slow down and think more about the photo before pressing the shutter.

In a time of instant gratification, I enjoy the feeling of anticipation whilst waiting for film to be developed, not knowing what to expect, and all the more when there are beautiful mistakes and pleasant surprises.

You can see more of Hanna's photos on her blog and Flickr.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

look down | march

On our way home from kindergarten one day we found this lovely lady.

found: two headsets

found: a feather

patterns galore in the hallways outside our hotel room in Paris

outside Notre-Dame; still have not been inside - next time!

in Jardin du Tuileries

found: a fruit salad! (an orange, an apple, a lime and a pineapple - cheating a little with the pineapple photo; found it in June 2013, but it really fit in this fruit salad mix)

husband, friend and me outside the hotel in Paris waiting for the other friend

off to the after party, post hen do fun

found: a floorball ball (I used to love floorball in high school)

muddy puddles with ice enroute to the top of mount Ulriken

snow by my feet enroute to the top of mount Ulriken

first bbq of the season (M's hen do, on top of mount Ulriken)

essentials: daipers and a 60th birthday gift (bought on behalf of my in-laws) for my daddy

found a balloon in my in-laws' backyard - wonder where it came from

questionable rug design, part I

beautiful hardwood floors

questionable rug design, part II

hei there Darth Wader

tussilago farfara, the only latin flower name I know (ps: coltsfoot)

four of diamonds (and new really comfortable Reebok classic leather sneakers)

- - -

look down set on Flickr | look down Blurb book 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

life, week 13

If we take the gondola lift this view is only 20 minutes from our house. Such a treat!

That light

Yellow flowers are normally not my favorite, but I make an exception every spring. Coltsfoot, daffodils and dandelion - such welcome yellow joy! 

Last year she insisted on wearing socks in her sandals. Seems like we can avoid it this year.

Thank you, mild winter, for letting our strawberry plant live.

Those curls! I hope they will stay with her forever. (I always wanted something else than my very straight hair.)

I absolutely adore blooming trees. So happy to have one - blood plum - in our own garden.

Sunsets have been nice lately.

I bet you didn't know Montana is so close to mount Ulriken. Florida too - it's just down the street from our house. 

Fjordgløtt | a view of the fjord

We forgot to plant bulbs this autumn; so glad there are still a few left at random places around our garden. 

What color will you be, little ones? (White.)

So thankful for a slow Monday morning after being away during the weekend. It makes for such a good start to the week.

Sunday, sun day. They playground was our second home during this sunny, sunny week.

Oh spring!



7 am

This makes me happy

Substitute teaching | trying to calm the chaos

Still a little bit winter left on mount Ulriken

Rundemannen seen from Ulriken. The view never gets old.

Saturday morning with grandma is the best.

That light

Sveler, selvsagt | Saturday at the farmers market

I don't like beer, but it does look tempting.

Sunday fika with a view

Can I tell you again how much I love our kitchen window view?

We are so, so happy when pappa gets home in time to have family dinner.

The chives in our garden have already grown quite a bit - thanks to the mild winter.

- - -

Week 13, the last week of March, was a great photo week. Gorgeous weather and lots of lovely light. Taking photos every day keeps me grounded.


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