Saturday, 30 August 2014

a photo an hour

Saturday August 23 - our very last day ever in our Bergen apartment.

8 am: Lots of moving boxes and still more to pack. But first, coffee! (In a glass; all cups are packed.)

9 am: Breakfast and cartoons.

10 am: Disassembling Sara's bed whilst I take a moment to soak in That View.

11 am: Sara is having a time out with cartoons and games - which is very convenient as it makes it easier for Sølve and me to pack. Luckily she was being very patient during the whole process. 

Noon: Eating chips (from a paper plate) in between the moving box towers.

1 pm: Sølve and Sara are off to Sølve's brother to pick up a huge trailer + to let Sara play with her cousins whilst we load the trailer. I'm having a little ice cream break (the freezer has to be emptied!) before a final little visit to our local Kiwi grocery store (which is just 300 m from our house - SO convenient!).

2 pm: Nearly done.


3 pm: The Mykletun brothers carry heavy stuff whilst I take care of fragile stuff.

3:30 pm: Oh so empty...

4 pm: Last glimpse of the garden (such a happy place) and mount Ulriken (will miss my work out hikes up there)...

4:30 pm: There were LOTS of tears when I said goodbye to the apartment, our neighbours and the neighbourhood. It's very hard to leave after nine years of living here (15 years in Bergen all together). 

5 pm: Picking up Sara at her cousins' place.

6 pm: Waiting for the ferry at Halhjem.

7 pm: Driving and listening to "Dyrene i Afrika" - Sara's constant request whilst out driving (preferably whilst we all sing along).

8 pm: Sara has fallen asleep. Finally a break from "Dyrene i Afrika"!

9 pm: Waiting for the ferry at Arsvågen. Sara got sick all over me and herself... Wet wipes to the (desperate) rescue. Luckily both Sara and I had extra clothes easy accessible in the back of the car. 

10 pm: Tjensvollkrysset. Close to our new home.

11 pm: At my parents' place. Sara got sick again. Realizing that it might not be car sickness.

0:30 am: Sara got sick yet again. Hoping it's the last time. (It wasn't. A couple of days later I got sick and so did my mamma and pappa too.) 


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